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Here’s what some of our Fresno, CA customers are saying about us:

Fast great service. Strongly recommend

Nancy Falcucci Best For Less Auto Glass Fresno Customer Review

great work resonable prices

Darra Jaramillo Google Review

The best

Victor Sanchez Google Review

I shopped around town and this place was the most reasonable and affordable. They did a good job putting in my windshield. It was pretty fast.

Pa Yang Google Review

excellent service can't say more otherwise i would be pontificating you need it call them

Macheen Shaughnessy Google Review

5 Stars!

Georgina Moreno Google Review

My window was repaired on the same day I called, that was fast service and job well done!

Yolanda Tumoine Best For Less Auto Glass Fresno Customer Review


Richard Moreno Google Review

5 Stars!

Daniel Flores Google Review

Awesome. Quick. Affordable. Did my wing window on my van.

Kyrsten Corrales Google Review

They did a good job putting in my windshield. It's was pretty fast and the price was very reasonable.

Pa Yang Google Review

they were friendly and fast had my window done in 25 mins


5 Stars!

Lourdes Medina Google Review

Friendly staff

Candis Desrosiers Google Review

Nice, friendly, and efficient.

Carolina Hernandez Google Review

These guys were very nice and friendly. Of all The places I called. This was the 5th. Safe lite and any other place within like a 30-40min circle around Madera none had my rear window on hand. I live over 300 miles away and wasn’t trying to stay n chowchilla any longer. In less than an hour they had window n and car vacuumed. It ended up a good day. Started with some mentally ill or severely drunk guy breaking my rear window. In the rain. And now my beloved and I were able to enjoy ourselves.

Todd Kaelin Google Review

Compared to any other autoshop in town i got the best prices here. They worked quick and were so friendly. I came in to get new windows due to my car being broken into, they vaccumed some mess in my car on top of the glass. I was so grateful lol. Super good service!

Cambria Cardenas Google Review

5 Stars!

Serena Deleon Google Review

Nice guys great service and fair price. Thanks for the help!!!

Daniel Mackey Google Review

4 Stars!

Barry Davis Google Review

5 Stars!

Arthur Martinez Google Review

Gave me a hella of a deal if u need your window fixed call them first.

Established Ent. Google Review

Best price that I know of. Friendly workers, they invited me to eat BBQ. A plastic part that they removed from the car did get a deep scratch not upset about it

David Cruz Google Review

Thier prices came way under the other window repair shops! Great same day service! I'm very happy.

Matt P. Best For Less Auto Glass Fresno Customer Review

Good fast friendly work

Bridget Gatison Google Review

Called. Got the best price compared to other places. Said he could have windshield in 30 minutes. It was there when I arrived. Left 45 minutes later. Good price fast service. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Stephen Walter Google Review

4 Stars!

Francisco Aragon Google Review

5 Stars!

Ben Lopez Google Review

Owner matched a price and after they were done they vaccumed all the glass on the floor and seats. Loved the customer service. They were done like in 30 min

Teresa Williams Google Review

Fast service!

Navy K. Best For Less Auto Glass Fresno Customer Review

An excellent job on our 2009 Prius and a great deal. They beat everybody's pricing by about $100.

Adriana T. Yelp Review

I took my car to this shop after reading the reviews hoping I wouldn't have to wait too long and pay too much. This place exceeded my expectations my car was ready within 30-40mins I lost track of time. Do not let the area deceive you the service was great the guys were very respectful and friendly. I honestly think they have the best price in town. I will most definitely be taking my car to them if I ever have another broken window.

Mari C. Yelp Review

The name of this business says it all: Best for Less!

Last week while on the notorious Freeway 99, a rock flung up from a tractor tractor and cracked my windshield. I called around town for prices on a replacement and man let me tell you, it ranged all the way up to $560 dollars. This morning (6/22) I had an appointment with an independent company to out and replace my windshield between the hour of 9-10. However they contacted me at 11am stating he could be there by 12? Really?

Bummed out about not getting window fixed and late to work, I looked on Yelp for Windshield replacement establishment on the side of town I was working in. I came across, "Best for Less." Ramon answered the phone and gave me a price quote. Wasn't too thrilled about the price and told him that I consider it since I was only 7 minutes away from his business. 9 minutes later Ramon called me back and asked if I had gotten any other quotes cheaper than his. I told him "yes" and that I had made an appointment for Saturday morning. Ramon informed me that he could beat that price and have it done today. I let him know I would be there by 12pm.

The location isn't the pretties, nothing fancy, and small. However the experience was stunning. When I pulled up I was immediately greeted. I told the worker I was looking for Ramon. The worker informed me he was waiting for me and that the car would be done within 45 minutes to an hour. The lobby is kinda scare, pitch black inside (windows & front door painted black.) but whatever. Before I could check into Yelp and or post of picture of my cracked windshield Ramon came in and informed me my car was ready! WOW! I believe it was done in 15-20 minutes. Ramon was very personal and nice to talk to. Very impressed by the experience I told him that I would recommend all my friends and family to his shop!

So if you need a windshield replaced, go see Ramon! 5 Stars

Ritchie T. Yelp Review

We needed to replace a car window after a break-in and they were able to do it on the same day we took our car in, in about an hour, for cheaper than four other places we called. This is definitely the place to go!

Roy M. Yelp Review

Called Raymond about my windshield issue, he was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. Might I add that he was very friendly, professional and reasonable. I recommend this place highly, very happy and satisfied customer. Thanks Raymond ;)

Robin M. Yelp Review

This is the best place to come, I've came here for years now and no one has yet to beat his prices and the quality. He's so friendly and service is fast and great. He's fixed all three cars I've ever had before, when it came to me door windows and my windshield.

Chengkouang S. Yelp Review

While driving to work yesterday morning, a rock hit my windshield and caused a huge crack! I called around and this place had the best price.

He initially quoted me $168, but told me that if I were able to bring it to him today or tomorrow, he would do it for $150. I told him I would get back to him. After calling several places, I immediately called him back and scheduled an appointment for the next day. His price could not be beat.

This place is located on the 'sketchier' side of town, but don't be fooled by the exterior. It's not fancy and they don't have a nice, cool waiting area for you. It was hot today and we stood outside instead of sitting in the muggy waiting room. We took this opportunity to walk over to Adrian's for a burrito and soda.

They had us in and out of there in under an hour. We paid a total of $158.22 for quick and efficient service. You can't beat that!

For reference, I drive a 2008 Nissan Altima coupe.

Jennifer V. Yelp Review

This place was awesome! Needed a new windshield for my BMW ...when I called for a quote I told them I didn't have a rain sensor...but apparently I do & it's much more expensive. The owner found an aftermarket windshield & saved me a lot of money.... Even with the discovery of the rain sensor this price was better than any other quote I got without it! The replacement was very fast and what I love most is that they have a great sense of humor and pleasant disposition and it was a pleasure doing business with them. If you decide to go don't let the neighborhood put you off, it's not as bad as it seems and you can always wait there if you feel the need while the work is being done. I feel very good about referring anybody that I know to this place and secure in the fact that they will get a great deal and quality repair!

Mary T. Yelp Review

The owner was very helpful and fixed my window right away. Had another piece broken inside my door and he personally when to get it and put it in. Thank you very much. Will come back if I should need windows replaced again!

Gwynn C. Yelp Review

Great service overall! Cheapest price. Very friendly. I looked everywhere in Fresno, he will beat any competitors price. Service was very fast done within an hour. If anything ever happens to me or anyone I know I will definitely recommend this business.

I had my windshield and driver's window replaced.

Katrina C. Yelp Review

My car got broken into one night and it was a bit too late to begin calling around town for a fix. First thing in the morning, I called about four different places in Fresno with quotes ranging from $90 to $270. The owner answered the phone and let me know that the cost to repair and replace the window would be $90. For something that was just so unexpected during the holidays, I went with my gut and told him I would be over in no more than 30 minutes.

As soon as we got to the shop, he greeted us, had us drive into the garage and asked us to sit down in the waiting room. He told us it would take no more than 30 minutes to repair the window, however he got side-tracked for about 30 minutes. He apologized to us and when he worked on the window finally, it really did only take at the most 30 minutes.

For the price, I definitely was happy to have found this place. He also did a good job and now all I have to do is get my window tinted because they don't offer tinting. Yeah, it took longer than what he stated but I seriously got a deal coming to this place. I don't think anyone would be dissatisfied coming here.

Olivia Y. Yelp Review

Great service, priced best in fresno. Friendly honest. Will recomend to all my friends.

D. W. C. Yelp Review

Awesome job on my rock chip. I was driving thru town and needed a quick place to stop thru. I called ahead 10 minutes, they got me right in and out in under 15 minutes for $35 and I was on my way. Very nice and professional.

A O. Yelp Review

4 Stars!

Jon Heu Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Joel Vicuna Facebook Review

Got the best deal to replace whole back window to my truck. Great work and fast crew. Not even open today but helped me out! Gracias

CJ Ponce Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Nene Garcia Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Lisa Noble-Kennedy Facebook Review

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